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Within each of us, nature has provided all the pieces necessary to achieve exceptional health and wellness, then left it up to us to put them all together.

Diane Mclaren

Are you looking for a way to improve your work team’s work productivity?   Reduce accidents, improve safety?  Reduce sick time leave?  Enhance staff attitude and enjoyment in the workplace?  Begin by learning more about what, why and how by reading below.

What to Know

Over 50% of lost work days are related stress
Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical & disability payments
80% of industry accidents are directly related to stress

Just the Facts Please

Employee Benefits

Decrease stress
Headache relief
Improved thought process
Lower blood pressure
Boost immune system

Employer Benefits

Decreased employees absences
Increase employee performance, productivity & better retention
Energize & motivate staff
Save company money by decreasing medical & disability payments

Show Me Proof

A study at the Touch Center Research Institute at the university of Miami found that after five weeks, a group of 26 employees who had twice-weekly 15 minute massages in the office fared better than a control group of 24 employees who were told to close the eyes and relax.  The massage group experienced reduced stress and improved performance, while the control group did not.  Researchers measured alpha and beta waves, using an electroencephalogram (EEG), in both groups.  The recipients of the massage group were more alert, math problems were solved in half the time with half the errors than the control group.  The massage group stated they were less fatigued and more cleated headed.

How do we Improve our Teams’ Productivity and Performance

Simply call us and contract with The Graceful Touch Massage, LLC.  Lisa A. Hajek and Emily Babb are Certified and Insured Massage Therapists with extensive knowledge in several modalities used in seated massage.  The recipient will sit in a specifically designed chair fully clothed which allows the therapist to concentrate on the three major areas we carry stress - upper back, shoulders and neck.  A small amount of lotion may be used and we can provide the service in most any location.

All sessions are no longer than 15 minutes, about the amount of time for a staff member’s break.  No lost work time, only improved productivity.

The average is 5 hours; with two therapists working we can accommodate 40 employees per session.  We bring all supplies including chair, music, treats and most importantly stress reduction.  We are available weekly, biweekly or monthly or as often as fits your companies needs.  Are you interested in greater productivity from your work team?  We have the answer for you - let us help your team be more successful than ever, just call us now at (303) 908-3191 to schedule a consultation.

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