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Within each of us, nature has provided all the pieces necessary to achieve exceptional health and wellness, then left it up to us to put them all together.

Diane Mclaren

Below is a description of each massage modality or technique we provide.   If you are unsure of what would be best suited to you, we recommend our Integrative Massage.
Regardless of the technique - we customize any massage delivered to the needs and preferences of You!  Consider this our repertoire which we bring to every session.  In any of our massages we will most likely utilize techniques from several styles in order to provide the most effective, enjoyable massage to benefit you.

    Integrative Massage
    This is the infinity and beyond massage. We bring a comprehensive blending (think fruity with an umbrella spear of pineapple) of massage techniques into a unique session entirely customized to you the client. The Integrative Massage is a perfect choice for those who are not sure what they want or need. If you have an area that is in need of special intense attention yet also want a relaxing whole body approach. OHHH YAY!!

    Massage Therapy and Pure Essential Oil = Aromatherapy
    Yoo Hoo Mother Nature!!!  (please use your best sing song voice) Could you lend us some flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of your plants? The natural oils are extracted, it is a long and complex procedure that will cause you to nod... Zzzzzzzzz.

    So you’re asking: “What is therapeutic aromatherapy?”  Mr. Nose explains, “the body’s sense of smell can boost your mood, relieve stress, energize and encourage better health.”

    The inhaled aroma from these Essential oils can bring to mind warm and fuzzy thoughts.  In addition essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream like Jedi Knights slaying Stormtroopers leaving behind a Yoda sense of improved physical, mental and emotional well-being. Please thank Mother Nature for providing this opportunity.  Then book your appointment for a one way ticket to Pandora.  If you would like to hear more fascinating, intriguing, factual, information please read my blog.

    Hot Stone Massage
    Intended to be extremely (sign me up now) relaxing, a heated stone massage involves the placement of warmed, smooth rocks upon different parts of the body. The therapist, will also use these hot rocks in a Swedish type massage to further lull you in to a deeper calmer state of mind - like a mini vacation.

    The heat of the rocks causes muscles to relax, thus allowing the therapist to apply deeper, more precise pressure if desired or necessary.

    Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep tissue, like deep space, is impossible to access without the help of cultured hands that confidently apply the Vulcan salute. The muscle menders at The Graceful Touch release chronic patterns of tension from the body with therapeutic deep-tissue massage in a tranquil atmosphere. Wielding an arsenal of all-natural organic lotions and essential oils, the healing haven’s dexterous massage therapists drive out pain from the body with a combination of trigger-point therapy and myofascial release, extracting any remaining tension with a giant pair of tweezers without activating your red nose buzzer. Designed for physically active people, such as athletes and truffle hunters, the deep-tissue massage targets areas of distress, like lower-back tightness and sore shoulders. Massage recipients may experience some discomfort for a few days following the muscle manipulation, but soaking in bath salts, drinking lots of water, howling at a harvest moon, and getting plenty of sleep may remedy this slight aftershock.

    Sports Massage
    Come one athlete, come all athletes from the professional to the weekend warrior, especially you weekend warriors.   Team TGT works with the goals of the athlete to create a blue ribbon package of success.  This artful, agile and apt massage strives to promote increased flexibility, decreases/removes fatigue, improve endurance, help prevent injuries, and prepare athletes to compete at their absolute best.  So lets take the checkered flag, win the coveted green jacket or hit a grand slam. GOOOOO Team!!!

    Sports Massage: At the event on site
    Pre-Event: A fast-paced and stimulating approach to help establish blood flow and to warm up the muscles. The athlete can use this time to focus on visualizing the upcoming event. The pre-event massage can be useful in reducing the possibility of injury.

    Post-Event: The intent for this massage is to calm the nervous system and begin the process of flushing the toxins and waste products out of the body. The post-event massage can reduce the recovery time which will enable the athlete to begin training and preparing sooner for the next event.

    The Graceful Touch is an extremely reputable business, providing only the best possible therapeutic massage services available.

    Please take a moment to complete our intake form so that we may be able to serve you better.

    Trigger Point Massage
    Trigger Points are like the annoying speed bumps on an otherwise smooth road.  Unlike school zones these bumps may have developed over time from stress and strain of everyday life  or by sudden trauma, like falling or being struck by an object in a specific location,"weekend warrior".  These areas may be sore at the muscle or tendon locations creating decreased flexibility and pain.  When pressed these areas will radiate similar to 4th of July fireworks to another area.  The practiced hands of TGT will liberate theses speed bumps via gradual pressure applied, maintained for 10-20 seconds and reapplied twice more.  Thus creating the smooth easy ride, like the top down in an Lexus SC430 to bliss.  This approach allows the area to receive oxygen, like wind through your hair and nutrients, like your favorite fruit smoothie therefore breaking down the speed bump and allowing the muscle fibers to move freely.  10-4 good buddy!

    Swedish Massage
    A Classic! Allow the Graceful Touch (pun intended) and knowledgeable hands of TGT to create a symphonic session.  The Swedish massage uses long genteel gliding strokes all flowing toward the heart.  Your assignment is to find the preferred state of rest and relaxation as the hands provide increase circulation, soothe aching muscles and improve flexibility all the while creating a profound sense of ahhhhhh!

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